Public Speaking Tips

When asked to present a speech to an audience can be a hugh challenge which can inject fear and trepidation into the speaker.

There are simple steps that the speaker can be take to reduce the their anxiety levels. These suggestions help the speaker to stay focused, prepared and relaxed:

  • Have a planned ritual prior to your speech
  • Speak from the heart
  • Understand your audience and the subject you are presenting
  • Visualize your speech.
  • Get amongst your audience, get up close
  • Value the audience’s time
  • Have a clear message – leave something for your audience members.
  • Inject humor into your speech to relax the audience and yourself

Remember, it is important that you have your speech prepared and are happy with your approach.

Remember, take the opportunity that public speaking invitations offer for your own personal development, and most importantly, focus on enjoying the occasion.

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