Motivational Speaking

Did you know that many companies hire out people every year to present a motivational speech to their audience, only to find that the money that they have spent is wasted because the audience are completely unmoved or are not influence by their speech.

This article is to provide some key advice in how to motivate your audience. Remember, motivating people is extremely hard work that takes thought, attention to detail, know how and perhaps above all, flexibility to people’s differences.

The key points to remember are:

How do you appear to the audience?

  • are you positive,
  • are you confident,
  • do you show enthusiasm and energy in your speaking,
  • are you clear about your message to the audience

Does your presentation have the hallmarks of an inspirational speech?:

  • Does it bring the audience together by embracing common feelings and aspirations
  • Does the message of your speech give the audience a clear sense of purpose.
  • Are you able to bring the audience with you and able to draw out their own enthusiasm.
  • Can you uplift the audience to a higher plane?

The content of your speech must be appropriate to the mood of the audience, give them some stories to illustrate and explain the purpose of your speech.

If you can use props to dramatize a point you wish to make ; they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so use it to make a powerful impact.

Use quotations to drive home an idea, these are ideally placed at the end of the speech when they will round of your speech and be remembered by your audience.

Final note….

These are just six suggestions you get you started on your own personal journey to becoming a motivational speaker.

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