How We Meet Your Needs

Club Atmosphere

Clondalkin Toastmasters club provides a relaxed and an atmosphere of professional camaraderie that makes it a unique learning environment dedicated to each member’s personal development needs.

We help each member achieve their full potential by providing them with the opportunity to participate in the club meetings whenever possible and to provide help and assistance via our mentoring program if the member wishes.

How The Program Works

Each new Toastmaster receives a New Member Kit. The kit features a copy of the basic Communication and Leadership manual, general orientation materials and information regarding skill improvement in areas such as speech evaluation and the use of gestures.

The initial prepared speeches, as outlined in the basic Communication and Leadership program manual, are designed with the new Toastmaster in mind.

A variety of assigned speeches help the participant develop competency in areas such as organization, voice inflection and persuasiveness.

During the meeting’s Table Topics session, members learn to think on their feet by delivering short impromptu speeches, lasting one to two minutes.

After giving a prepared speech, each Toastmaster receives a constructive speech evaluation. This process recognizes speakers for their strengths and provides valuable insight into problem areas.

Upon completion of the basic Communication and Leadership program, Toastmasters may participate in the Advanced Communication and Leadership program. Participants may choose from specific business oriented topics such as Speeches by Management and Technical Presentations.

Workshop style Success/Leadership programs are also available, offering opportunities for further skill development in areas such as leadership, public speaking and conducting business meetings.

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