Persuasive Speaking

In today’s world, it is vitally important that you have good persuasive speaking skills, so that you can get others to understand, accept and act on your message.

Quite simply, taking time out to develop these skills will be one of the best investments you can ever make.

Here are a couple of simple techniques to get you started:

Prepare thoroughly:

  • Ensure that you know your subject well and that you are therefore qualified to discuss the subject matter.
  • Remember that your reputation as a speaker is based on your past performances, so always prepare 100%.
  • Know your audience; try and understand their background and experiences in the subject you are discussing.
  • Come prepared with a speech (that has key messages) which is suited to their needs.
  • Anticipate difficult questions ; take time out to look at where the challenges and basis for challenge will be made.

Deliver your speech with confidence and with sincerity by demonstrating that you believe in what you are saying and are 100% committed.

Establish good eye contact with your audience.

Visualise the message with your audience by communicating on multiple levels.

Use a good story to back-up your arguments.

Taking time out to prepare, speak with confidence and establish a good rapport with the audience are some of the important steps to persuade with power.

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