Impromptu Speaking

We sometimes find ourselves in a position where we are asked to speak (or give a speech) without any preparation…so what do we do?

Here are a couple of tips to help you deliver an inspirational speech and connect with your audience without having to take significant time out in planning and delivery:

  • Establish an emotional connection with your audience which ties in with the subject matter
  • Acquire a mental library of useful words and phrases that is suited to the occasion.
  • Take a moment to plan, have a main theme to develop your talk on, establish how you can bring in the other discussion points based on this central theme.
  • Take care on your use of language – suit your speech to the occasion and choose words that will fit the occasion and mood of your audience/subject.
  • Stay cool and calm – speak slowly and calmly is a deliberate tactic to generate the affect the speaker is looking to create with his audience


These suggestions will get you started in delivering a ‘polished and professional’ impromptu speech without any preparation.

There are experienced members at the toastmasters club who can provide further assistance in this important area. Most importantly, the club provides a regular sessions for members to practice their impromptu speaking skills.

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